B.V.C.Add another dimension to your event

Brown Velvet Cinema Picture Company was first started 15 years ago as a trading name for Documentary's and Programming. It has since grown and established itself as a leading boutique audio visual business, specialising in large daylight LED screens and dynamic live entertainment visual production.

BVC operates under the core principles of quality of service, creative vision, and consistent supply.
We make it our mission to provide clear and constructive information and advice to all clients so that we can serve each with a quality product that specifically services their needs. Our equipment is maintained and tested prior to events and if required, we only use equipment and contractors with a proven track record who operate with the same principles of quality and consistency.
With all events we seek to create a unique experience for both the client and the audience. We highly value creativity as part of our services and use our abilities in editing, presenting media, design (staging, sound, light & vision) and camera production as an integral way of making each event we do stand out amongst the crowd.
Consistency is not an option at BVC and is the corner stone of our methodology. Consistency is achieved through our dedication to each client and to our internal processes we follow for each event. Consistency is achieved through our checking and measuring at all stages of our processes as well as through the people whom work for and with BVC. We believe that a crew that is dedicated and works with our principles of quality, creativity and consistency is an incredibly powerful asset. Working as a team enables BVC to produce a consistently high performance level that nurtures and encourages the creativity and skills of all team members ensuring a high quality service for all clients.

BVC provides the highest quality services to all clients regardless of the size or the type of event. We assist clients with integrating all elements of their production; sound, vision and lighting so the overall product is both professional and seamless. We believe that every client and event is unique and tailor our services to the individual needs and requirements of each event. All BVC staff conduct themselves in a co-operative, respectful and dedicated manner at all times. BVC operates to and with the guidance of the workplace health and safety codes.
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